Mogens Nørgaard is a well sought after speaker for his different approach to, well everything.

Mogens Nørgaard

  • Founder & CEO of CIMA Technologies
  • CoFounder of Det Gode Firma
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Sparekassen SDS, 1987-1990. Database Administrator, Supporter, Trainer. Established a large DW, managed 100's of users, taught DW classes, founded the Danish Oracle User Group (OUG/DK).

Oracle Denmark, 1990-2000: Support Analyst, Support Team Lead, Founded Premium Services (35+ people), trainer, consultant. Authored papers, spoke at conferences, wrote corporate teaching materials, held advanced classes, managed many escalations at Danish C20 companies.

Miracle A/S 2000-2013: Founder & CEO. Worked as consultant, escalation manager, trainer, coach, speaker. Founded The OakTable Network. Authored internationally published papers, main author of "Tales Of The OakTable - Oracle Insights", co-author of several other Oracle-related books.

Fair & Square 2013-present: Founder & CEO. Works as consultant, escalation manager, trouble shooter, trainer, speaker.

CIMA 2016--> : Founder & CEO. CIMA does real, expert-level DevOps, AWS, and Big Data/Adv. Analytics/Machine Learning. And we are on our way to becoming a leading data broker.

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Mogens Nørgaard

Mogens Nørgaard


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