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DevOps is - if anything -, automation and unification, and that is why DevOps and Machine Learning goes so well hand in hand.

With the DevOps methods, we plan and apply continuous integration & delivery in development and testing, to use more time on other parts of the project. The methods also creates a lot of data when done correctly.

Machine Learning is letting the computer find patterns for you. If you utilise Big Data you will know that it is impossible to get the same result by sifting through that data on your own, not having Big Data tools or Machine Learning to help you.

Machine Learning can predict and find structure patterns in your data, helping you analyse and create innovation and connection between applications.

Automate mundane tasks

One major point in both concepts, is to free the consultant from mundane tasks, long hours of deploying code and testing, but machine learning can do even more than just that, it can help you get insights into areas otherwise inaccessible, and create a foundation for decision making and optimising.

ML is a range of areas collectively named so as a subfield of artificial intelligence, an early developed type of AI.

ML mines data and utilizes algorithms that can analyze and adapt to data through automated iterations.

ML uses pattern recognition and deliver structural output, to make sense of the discoveries.

Why use Machine Learning?

Because of automated data analysis that can give you insights not else found, and to create scalability and elasticity in your systems.

When you have a large amount of cloud servers running, all logging, it will create vast amount of data. When you have to sift through all that information, to process and use, you would want to do this in the most efficient manner possible, fx by using NoSQL technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra and alike.

The automatisation of these processes are there important, unless you want to drown in information. Let the machinery do the work, and hand you the analysis with potential errors or patterns already spotted. The algorithm used for finding and spotting can be generalised which means it has a broader application and will be more elastic, but most of all, it is automate.

Get started

Let us explore machine learning together, find out how we can automate tasks, to free your hands and mind to do other work, letting the computer do the boring mundane work. Your developers will thank you.

  • Scalability
  • Elasticity
  • Generalise algorithms
  • Iterative processes
  • Pattern recognition
  • Analytical models

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