General Data Protection Regulation

The new EU GDPR will have consequences for companies in general, but it will also give back private persons control over their own data

After May 25 2018, when the new GDPR goes into effect, data privacy will take a turn for the better for private persons. However it might prove expensive for many companies and organisations that does business within the EU. The law has far-reaching effects and will result in very expensive consequences if not upheld.

The regulation effects will be complex, so you might be wondering how it affects your company, and wonder if or how you can be compliant towards the GDPR and not been risk of huge fines.

Hire CIMA as GDPR expert consultants, and we can help you gain insight in the technical, legal or business part of GDPR.

Data protection: Better rules for small business
The Europa Commission created this infographic website for information on GDPR for corporation and we would encourage you to visit it for more information.


We have put together some free GDPR related quizzes for you to test your readiness, whether your in HR, a data responsible or data handler, or have regular customers contact. You can of course also try our general GDPR quiz to give you a hint on your GDPR readiness (the quizzes are all in Danish).

The quiz for the HR department

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The data responsible quiz

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Do you have regular customer contact?

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The original GDPR quiz

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Let CIMA Technologies help you gain insight into the new GDPR, so you won't be in the danger zone after May 25 2018

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