Digital Services

Sometimes you just need an update on an existing service, other times you need the full package. We can help you find and implement the right solution.

Fast to Market project plan - start doing quick.

We gain business and proposition knowledge, understanding each other and the possibilities better.


We dive into the data and present a solution, most often through several iterations with the client.


Rapid preto/prototyping keeps the cost down and gets us a hands-on project concept frame.


We start doing. We know the ins and outs of the project, such as tools, technology, time and costs.


Why go digital?

The short answer is: data
- you have a chance to improve performance in everything you can collect data from

A customer’s journey through your system, digital or analog, should always be efficient and effortless, considering the alternatives your customers have today. Otherwise the customer will turn to your competitors a few clicks away, giving a better service.

When you combine data with insight in both new and legacy technologies, you are able to transform the performance of your services into something new and better, and the process might even be less of a challenge than you might think.


Analysing customer data through automated sequences or even real time, gives companies a competitiveness edge unlike any other.

With tools like Plumbr and other DevOps tools, we can help you to ensure that customer experiences are as smooth and fast as they should be, thereby boosting the interaction success rate.


The Internet of Everything

Digital thinking is also digital doing. A new wave of technology is beginning to impact our world. The success of The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabled by the constant lowering of the cost of sensors - now a lot of possibilities are available for those who wish to develop products that can sense and report through connectivity to a network.

There are several development platforms for IoT. One could be a platform for tracking goods and materials, or airport security butler-robots counting, tracking and 'smelling' while servicing travelers (though such a product would have limited access to an outside network).

Maybe the IoT should actually be IoE - The Internet of Everything. 'Things' is too simple a term for what eventually will be every artifact, process, and person connected to systems and even in some degree, ourselves.

Public Sphere

The possibilities in the public sphere for improving citizens’ services and lowering costs are immense.

The cases for digital services strike a homerun in public services. The services of government offices has been transformed to a whole new level after the the internet. Today, most services can be reached over the net, not by standing in line at the local office anymore.

Tech investment

A one-time investment is rarely enough. You need to follow up in order to meet clients’ expectations.

It is not enough to implement digital services, because our technology evolves at a breakneck pace, giving us cheaper and better solutions. Once you have invested in, and implemented, new digital services you will need to keep up or otherwise get left behind by the customers as demands for better services keep going up.


Your investments into new technology is not for nought - just improve your platform.

Let us help you maximise your investments in innovation by utilising the newest knowledge in software development and understanding. The technology world is getting more and more complex as we move forward, and keeping track of everything is time consuming and might not be what you want to be your main focus - that’s where CIMA Technology can help you.

Get started

Let CIMA Technology help you kickstart your innovation process, turning outdated services into better experiences for the user, or maximise on your technology investments using data as your backbone to ensure quality and productivity.

  • Investment
  • Gain insight
  • Deliver on promise
  • Don't be left behind
  • Experience improvement
  • Happy users

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help your company with improving your services, please write us a message or give Sara a call.

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