5 Reasons why companies should go DevOps

DevOps is a smart economical way of thinking information technology

It is a groundbreaking new way of approaching information technology development, by a set of ideas derived by a urge to be more agile, productive. The true power of the idea is automation, but it is still more than just that.

When you are working in a DevOps culture, you break down the silos between the development and operation departments, but you also free your employees from mundane tasks by planning ahead, and hopefully start an innovation process.


The goal of DevOps is to deliver a higher quality of service and software to the user, fast and frictionless, catching errors quickly as not to stall time-to-market.

You want satisfied customers - obviously.



Bridge development and operation, and create agility in your team, and applying responsibilities from start
to end to each team member

Phase out the old department setup



When you focus on continuous improvements and shorten feedback loops, you ensure high efficiency and create room for innovation.

It will be beneficial for the user and your team.



Utilise innovations available in new technology to create new digital services that enhance user experience.



The advantage of DevOps comes in business agility, due to the rate of changes and challenges for both small and larger business.

Respond faster on issues.


If those 5 reasons isn't enough

Here's 10 more good reasons.

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Besides using containers (Docker), the way we work within the DevOps methods is by utilizing two major components: CI & CD.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration lets you test your code, again and again. It is where you merge new code into your master or trunk branch, and let it run through a series of unit-tests.

CI comes with some really nice perks like:

  • Catch issues quickly
  • Save time
  • Keep developing
  • Improve code quality

Continuous Delivery

With Continuous Delivery you can test and re-run deployment before release, to deploy your code and packages into live environments, no matter if it's test, staging, pre-production or production

With CD you can:

  • Find missing dependencies
  • Create production grade-ready software
  • Test for design issues
  • Troubleshoot scalaability in time

DevOps is a broad term of a bunch of good ideas on how to gain agility, resilience and scalable systems at a rapidly adaptable customer-demanding market, using a wide variety of technology. The idea is to break down the barrier between departments, bringing the development and operation teams together into a single unity.

But there's no DevOps hero without a tool box. Here is some of the tools we use: Jenkins, TeamCity, SALTSTACK, Ansible, Gradle, Docker, Travis CI and more.


Get started

You can insert CIMA Technologies directly and frictionless into your project, no matter stage. The DevOps way is not just limited to big projects, but can also be used, with the right tool, to resolve deadlocks, or to troubleshoot.

  • Gain momentum
  • Break down barries
  • Fast-to-market
  • Begin automation
  • Invest in planning ahead
  • Create synergy

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help your company with DevOps, please write us a message or give Sara a call.

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