Resilience through digital innovation

As a member of CenSec, we are a part of the leading technological defence development cluster in Denmark. With a strong network and certified people, we have a keen interest in this particular area as the world becomes more complex and technology better and cheaper

With government budgets being strained, we are faced with the reality that technology is developing at an exponential rate, exposing organisations that are not able to keep up, risking instability and an increase in security threats.


Focus areas in digital and technology defence:

  • Sensor & IoT
  • Cybersecurity & prevention
  • Data driven defence
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Rapid prototyping

Maximise innovations

The increase in demand is an opportunity to be creative and innovative, but also to rationalise and maximise on already implemented innovations.

Defence technology development must be based on data-driven schemes, on smart applied analysis, and insight in both old as well as new technology to create the best solution possible.

Open Source or closed source

There is much to gain when using Open Source solutions and tools compared to closed source solutions, but it is not always the right path for organisations due to internal policies, legacy systems, etc.

We can help you create secure and agile solutions using digital services based on cloud computing, on-premise, or both. Open Source products like Hadoop, Kafka or commercial software from Microsoft, Oracle or other well-renowned technologies.

We offer

To help the private and public security and defence sector meet the ever increasing demands, we provide technology services as:

  • Consultants
  • Choice of technology
  • Project development
  • The DevOps method
  • Data storage
  • Data processing
  • Data usage

The future of defence

As the private and public sector becomes more tuned into the digital world, driving advanced services, benefiting from less expensive components and more efficient computing, we will continually see an increase and demand for still better solutions. AI will become a large factor in many solutions.
Inspired by Accentures 2017 Vision Trends.

AI spokesperson

AI will be our interface, we will no longer need UI to interact with digital systems, but instead have AI as spokesperson

According to Accentures 2017 Technology Trend report, we will soon have a robot (digital or hardware) to be our digital interpreter and translator to communicate directly to systems, leaving behind UI and UX as we know it today. There will be no need for simplifying complex systems into a more understandable interface, for humans to interact with. Just talk or gesture to an AI entity that translates your request based on machine learning or deep learning, freeing your mind and hands to do more work elsewhere.

IoT Data

Let the hardware communicate without human interaction, freeing up time to do other tasks or to help create a real-time situation status.

When hardware through sensors can transmit geolocation, temperature, pressure, pictures or live feed, the wearer of IoT technology or user of hardware or vehicles, can focus on other assignments or use sensor data to help visualising obstacles ahead in real-time, which makes it immensely usable and can be a critical mission success factor.

Digital workforce

As countries like Estonia become more digital, it opens up for digital companies to offer their talent across borders.

To meet the demands for a highly skilled and talented, yet dynamic, workforce, digital companies without legacy models for employment, will emerge to utilise virtualisation and secure connections, to assist organisations and companies in both the private and the public sector. Distance becomes less of an obstacle as our technology becomes better.

AI Companies and Cloud Workers

We are already seeing a whole new marketplace for workers no longer tied down on location, and a more freelance-minded employed force, but what really will set the revolution going, is AI companies and Cloud Workers. Such companies are controlled by a few managers and leaders, but the taskforce is AI. Hire a new tech-guy? Just create a new entity for that position.

Of course AI has to learn, and that is where the Cloud Worker, the person who sits in another country, comes into the picture. She controls the robot or the AI remotely, learning the entity how to do the tasks, and at some point, the Cloud Worker is no longer needed.

It might seem futuristic but this is already happening.


Get started

Let CIMA Technologies be your partner in creating innovations, structure you data and utilise sensors to boost insight and real-time analysis.

  • Digital innovation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Advisory consultants
  • Sensor data collection
  • Real-time processing
  • Visualisation

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help you create digital innovation in defence technology, please write us a message or give Mogens a call.

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Mogens Nørgaard


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