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Take control of your data

And why not make some money at the same time. Facebook, Google and others are already making money off of your data. What seems like free services, you really just pay with your data. Those data are valuable for many organisations.


May 25th 2018 will be a day to remember. On that day new rules, enforced by the EU, with serious consequences for companies that does not comply. You will be able to demand your data delivered in a transportable readable format and if you want your data deleted, the companies are forced to do so.


This also means that you will be able to sell your data, but to begin with, we have created a small quiz just for you, so you may test your knowledge on how the new EU GDPR will affect you (the quiz is in Danish).

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News and updates

Articles about Datatrade (in danish)

“Jeg vil købe dine personlige data” – blog med Mogens Nørgaard 
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“Tag ejerskab over dine data, og tjen tusindvis af kroner om året” – interview med Mogens Nørgaard
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“Mange folk ved ikke, at deres personlige oplysninger er penge værd”  – interview med Mogens Nørgaard
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“Du kan tjene 10.000 kroner om året på din data” – interview med Mogens Nørgaard 
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Watch Mogens as he helps Ina from Odense investigate, as she tries to find and sell her online digital foot print, and to set at price on her personal date.

In November Mogens visited the TV show So Ein Ding on DR (Danmarks Radio) for at talk on Datatrade with Nicolai Sonne, and with the show titel being: Sell your data before Facebook does. (Sælg dine data, før Facebook gør det).

Do you want to sell your personal data? On May 25 2018, there will be new rules from EU regarding your personal data. You will able to extract your data from Facebook, Google and other services, and sell those data to, lets say, NETTO. You are in control now, or will be.

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If you have any questions regarding Datatrade or GDPR, please write us a message or give Mogens a call.

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