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Data collected, stored, analysed and utilised has the power of transformation

We really like data. It is where our future is. There are truths to be found in data whether it is data in societies or data from your company. It gives us the possibilities to gain insight and make the qualified decisions.

We work with data in two main areas:
1 - data technologies as in Oracle, Microsoft, AWS or newer technologies like NoSQL, Hadoop or Kafka.
2 - the new emerging market data trading.

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Database and cloud technologies

  • RDS
  • AWS
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • MySQL

Data Systems

There is a lot of systems to place your data in; data warehouse, data store, data lake or data reservoir. Storing your data does not necessarily mean that the data is placed 'statically'. New systems like Apache Kafka and others, process real-time streams of data and makes use of the log file, creating great possibilities for many systems.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no longer a new thing. It's tested and tried. Amazon and Microsoft offers great services at affordable start costs and now we see the Google Cloud Platform also emerging as an exciting choice, but even more so, is cross-cloud. Contact us for more information.

Load testning

With load testing, you can run fully automated tests, simulating thousands of users pressuring your application to its max, you can see how it scales, and you can fix the problems that occur when loads of users open your application simultaneously.


Knowing how to scale is key to systems containing large amounts of data, if you can’t scale, the system will stop working. Scaling efficiently is harder than it sounds, and only when you hit large amounts of data the problems will appear if not designed right to begin with.

Data Architecture

When you are planning a large data transformation, you have to think architecture as well. You have to plan data management, standards and the modeling process to take advantage of the process you are investing in. Data migration is too a very important part to plan. It should take in account for data hygiene and identify requirements.

In cloud or on premise

It could be either in the cloud or on premise. We just make sure that everything works, providing you with the system you need. We help you gain access to powerful systems that change the way you work, think and analyse data.

The future of data

What is next in data? For sure the volume of collected and collectable data will grow as we start monitoring almost everything. Soon most devices will be connected to the web, transmitting all kinds of data.

Near future regulations

The new EU GDPR is bold and brave, but also might be very hard to comply with for many companies

We probably don't have to tell you, but many fear the coming of the 25th of may. Where will it leave companies, and in what risk? Though it may end up costing a lot for those who do not follow the rules after may 2018, we think that it is a bold new protection regulation, creating security for private persons and also creating a whole new market.

Future of private data

It is time to take control of your data and not just give them away for social media experiences.

Why not pick and choose what data you are willing to sell for experiences, or pick which data you want trade in for cash instead. This new market will be huge. It is already huge, but only between corporations. Now it’s time for private persons to get in on the deal too.

Real-time everything

You will be able to analyse data-streams in real time, creating very flexible and specialised client services

This isn't really the future, because it is already possible with Big Data and tools like Cassandra, Hadoop, Kafka, Druid and others. Being able to analyse huge chunks of data here and now, will create real-time services dependent on automated decision making in the moment.


Get started

Whether you have challenges with an Oracle DB, MongoDB or looking for a way to connect a complex size of applications, use data streams with Kafka and data lakes, we can be the data-partner you need.

  • Database experts
  • Utilise data streams
  • Advisory consultants
  • Cloud computing
  • Storage
  • Business Intelligence

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help your company with data insight please write us a message or give us a call.

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Mogens Nørgaard


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