The future of currencies is digital

Let the blockchain become a foundation for any transaction or agreement. You will gain unprecedented security through cryptography, and costs will be reduced when your digital information is distributed and recorded through blockchain ledger. Transactions can be automated, and the costly human broker in between is obsolete.

Bitcoin is the most noticeable digital asset of the Blockchain based currency. It was the first digital currency, and thus has by far the largest computational power to back it up. However, other blockchain based cryptocurrencies are gaining ground, each aiming at special purposes: Ethereum for smart contracts, Ripple for interbank payments etc. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy but will mature over the next very few years.

Blockchain creates a more dynamic future for payments and smart contracts.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) is predicting that by 2025, 10% of all financial assets will be in blockchain/cryptocurrency assets. That works out to be about $10 trillion (Europe: billion) in assets.

Our Bitcoin and Blockchain expert, Svend Pedersen, can offer you his extended knowledge as consultant or in developing your blockchain project.

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Smart Contracts

  • Easy exchange of digital valuta
  • Conflict free
  • Skip the lawyer
  • Escrow technology
  • Automatically enforce obligations

We have developed our own smart contract. Contact us for more information.

A smarter contract

Being a first mover and a part of the early community, which is still small in Denmark, we see the Blockchain as something we all will have to take into account now, so we have developed our own Blockchain based smart contracts for freelancers but it can also be used in other contexts. A smart contract is a computer programme written into the a block in the Blockchain. It will automatically enforce the agreement that has been signed off on by both parties.

The Bitcoin

There are certain key points to notice and understand when investing in Bitcoin, like how the chain of digital signatures works, how the ledger is written and of course how Bitcoins get mined. Bitcoin, as you probably know, is based on blocks writing into a chain, which once written, cannot be manipulated, without the control of 51% of data power connected to the chain. We can be that partner that helps you gain insight and make the right decisions in line with what suits your situation best.


To store your keys which are essential for the connection to your coins, you will need a computer program to keep track of your keys. That program is called a wallet. The wallet in general is a facilitator in sending and receiving Bitcoins and applying ownership of the Bitcoin balance to the possessor.

Get started

Let CIMA Technologies be your partner in developing smart contracts or to kickoff the cryptocurrency journey with Bitcoin. We also have extended knowledge about Blockchain, so let us guide and advise you, to make sure you select the correct solution.

  • Crypto-strategy
  • Business intelligence
  • Better trade
  • Innovative payment
  • Secure setup
  • Project validation

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help your company with Crypto, Blockchain technology or Bitcoin please write us a message or give Svend a call.

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Svend Pedersen

Chief Financial Officer

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