BI +

Not just Business Intelligence as usual.

BI + is in contrast to bigger, centralized solutions where users must both struggle to get the information they want, frustrated by the "discoveries" they never get, while looking at lacking and down right boring visualizations.

Spotting convergencies that no one has expected in advance makes for new discoveries and in the end will impact your decisions for the better

Machine Learning

BI + offers exciting visualizations urging on the user to dive into the data, instead of the sad experience that older systems usually offer


Better usability = success experience = a system that is in use. Your employees will keep using the system and turning up solid results on a regular basis


Decentralized systems like BI plus, gives power of control to the individual user without the struggle they are used to in old-fashion BI systems


Businesses today often emphasizes that modern BI tools where users can use and 'play' gives a very positive experience.

We have come far, from "old" datawarehouse solutions where key IT-people provided both data and (fixed) reports to the reality we have today, where the business itself can create new dimensions and discover connections between datasets.

BI has revolutionized businesses ability to see, experience, and not least new discoveries for companies, giving them the ability to gain new insight and there's not a lack of BI suppliers but we see three companies that stands out - see below.


Three companies that stands out with BI + products

  • Microsoft and Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qlik

All three companies have been mention as Leaders by Gartner Groups BI Magic Quadrant

Why BI-plus and not just BI?

In 2018 we will see a gradual transition to Big Data technologies, including Hadoop and  Machine Learning tools

Gartner and others clearly say that in 2018 (maybe before), we will see a gradual transition to Big Data technologies, including Hadoop and various Machine Learning tools.

It may seem overkill and it probably is to some extent - but there is no doubt that BI is heading for BD (Big Data). Not because of huge amounts of data, but because Big Data is a technology task that's very interesting for BI tasks.


To some extent we are already on our way towards Big Data and a new way of doing Business Intelligence

Qlik has the ability to point out convergencies that nobody has asked for in advance - a kind of Machine Learning or AI that customers appreciate.

Qlik’s Associative engine lets you combine any number of data sources so you can explore across all your data and instantly pivot your thinking. The result: powerful insights you miss with other tools.

A data platform standard

Even without any big revolution in businesses, this development comes to us due to cheap, scalable platforms

So without the big Big Revolution around the businesses, this development comes to us, not least because the Hadoop platform is ultra-scalable, cheap, powerful and gradually a standard for a data- and calculation platform.

It will be through BD that BI will have the opportunity to meet even demanding customers' wishes for the famous data store, where all legacy systems data can be combine.

Get started

Let CIMA Technology be your Business Intelligence partner. Whether you are stuck in legacy systems, or need to innovate on top of already implemented solutions, we can help guide and advice you, and get you started on a new BI + journey.

  • BI strategy
  • Business insight
  • Legacy system rewamp
  • Data as backbone
  • Innovative processes
  • Validation

If you would like to know more about how CIMA Technologies can help your company with BI plus, please write us a message or give Mogens a call.

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