CIMA Technologies wants to help the newcomers in Denmark. We are all dependent on people from outside our nations, just watch that viral video on DNA diversity filmed in Copenhagen.

That’s the reason why CIMA as a company recently signed up as mentor in the technology sector within the organisation Foreningen Nydansker (Association New Danes), in hope of making those people kind enough to journey to our country with intentions of staying for just a bit, stay somewhat longer.

You can do it, too
As a mentor you agree to mentor a mentee – a person from another country who shares the same professional interests as yourself.

This will help the mentee get connected in the network of your profession, showing her or him how business is done here. But also you have a great opportunity to learn about how things are done in other countries and thereby let your own business reach out of the Danish pond.

Maybe you will even get a new colleague and a friend in the process.

Foreningen Nydansker
The organisation Foreningen Nydansker was established 20 years ago with the aim to make integration and diversity new resources for Danish businesses.

In these 20 years the organisation have gathered the best solutions for varying industries.

The organisation has been a contributing player when new challenges had to be overcome, and it has been a sparring partner for those responsible in both ministries and in municipalities.

Therefore, the organisation today is the preferred business partner of integration and can in its own words help both businesses and municipalities, regardless of size.