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We are data experts. We will help you get ahead on digitalisation and to create technological innovation or overcome challenges.

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This is what we do. With years in working with technologies, we have a lot of experience in many areas.

Digital Services

Let us help you transform your business into more efficient digital one. You may find that what seemed like a big project, is not, using with the right tools.



DevOps is planing moves ahead, and offers a economical way of thinking information technology. We collected 10 reasons for choosing DevOps, for your pleasure.


Data Experts

We know everything worth knowing about data, from working with Big Data and Data Lakes to GDPR and trading with your data. It is time to take control of your own data.



Native or cross-platform, when you are building an application for any kind of platform, prototyping and visualization can be very important, and speed even more.


BI +

Business Intelligence + is heading for BD (Big Data). Not because of huge amounts of data, but because Big Data is a technology task that is very interesting for BI tasks


Big Data

Hadoop, Kafka and other NoSQL technologies provides the possibility to analyze large amounts of data in seconds, creating synergy and transparency in your applications.



Machine Learning promise efficiency and precision, but it requires insight to exploit the depths and possibilities in this field of AI.



As a member of CenSec, we are a part of the tech-defence development and with a strong network, we have a keen interest in this particular important area.



The creation of truly digital assets or currency, has change taken the world by storm, and no wonder. The Blockchain based currencies introduces a paradigm shift in how we trade.



The new EU General Data Protection Regulation, opens up a whole new market for trading data, giving you the ability to control your private data.

In this video Mogens gives a (March) status on the project.


Are you looking for information about GDPR or our project Datatrade?

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